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Access and Apps


Your Instructional Technology Facilitator will distribute usernames and passwords to students in your school. They will also have the ability to reset passwords during regular school hours.

Students can login to their accounts by visiting: 

Simply enter your full, CHCCS email address and password.

Alternately, you can visit your school's website and use login tab on the homepage of the site. A link to Google Apps will be provided on the corresponding page. 

Your Instructional Technology Facilitator will provide further instructions for students on how to set up their accounts the first time they login.


CHCCS Gmail and Chat - Students will receive our district-managed version of Google's world-class messaging system, Gmail through Google Apps for Education. CHCCS Gmail has strong filtering for inappropriate spam messages and contains other protections for students, such as bad word filtering, virus protection, and more. No advertisements are displayed in CHCCS Gmail. 

CHCCS Google Drive (Google Docs) - Our district-managed version of Google Drive contains a complete productivity and creative suite for students, which includes Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, Drawings, video, and cloud-based file storage. 

CHCCS Google Groups for Business - Google groups provides email groups to students and teachers that can be used to collaborate. Groups can also be used to conveniently share Google Docs, Sites, and Calendars with multiple people.

CHCCS Google Calendar - Google Calendar allows students to schedule events, keep up with homework, all in a collaborative environment.

CHCCS Google Sites - Google Sites provide students with an easy way to publish websites and online portfolios.

CHCCS Google Classroom - Google Classroom provides students and teachers with a collaborative environment for working on assignments and sharing class materials.

EasyBib - A CHCCS student account provides single sign-on access and Google Drive integration to this award-winning reference and citation application. Our school librarians love EasyBib and now we have made access to this tool for students very easy.

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. - During school hours, students with a CHCCS account can access these excellent educational content services via single sign on. 

A Note about Google Apps for Education - Google services in use by the district differ from similar services (like Gmail) available commercially. Google Apps for Education is a district-managed service that is hosted by Google. Google does not collect data from student or employee accounts for commercial purposes, nor are Google employees allowed to access data on our Google domain without our express permission (except when required by law). 

If you would like to learn more about the protections we have in place with these tools, please see our FAQ and our Parent Letter.